Palm Beach is an ocean front facility with unimpeded access to beaches which stretch for 3 kilometres from the Hilton Hotel (right when exiting through the beach gate)  to the popular tourist location, Accra Beach via the south coast boardwalk (left when exiting through the beach gate).

Palm Beach is a designated turtle nesting sight and turtles are often seem swimming in the surf a few yards off the beach.

At night, residents are often treated to the sight of turtle hatchlings emerging from the sand and making their way down to the sea.

Access to the beach is via two gates with keypad locks. The access codes for these gates can be obtained from the owner or unit manager.

Please shower and wash sand from feet when entering Palm Beach from the beach access.

Check that the gate is closed and locked after use.

Please DO NOT take pool deck furniture onto the beach and do not invite persons who are not residents of Palm Beach into the facility.