Palm Beach is a private residential development. The common areas at Palm Beach are for the enjoyment of all owners, residents, and their guests. These include the parking lots, elevators, walkways, gardens, pool area and gym. Please use these areas with due care and consideration for the property and your neighbours. This is particularly applicable to short term rentals guests who must ensure that their activities and those of their family or friends do not impact upon the rights of the residents.

Please familiarize yourself with all the Rules and Regulations governing Palm Beach.



The security at the main gate controls access to Palm Beach and only authorized persons will be admitted.

If you are expecting guests/service providers, please advise the guard prior to their arrival to facilitate access.

For short term rental occupants, no persons other than those in the rental party noted on the declaration are permitted to stay overnight in the unit unless prior approval has been obtained from the owner/agent and unless the Property Manager has been informed.

Owners/Property Managers should advise Palm Beach management when renters (short or long term) are arriving at Palm Beach indicating the date of arrival and departure, the name and number in the party.  A signed copy of the Information & Compliance Declaration Form must be forwarded to the Palm Beach management prior or within 24hrs of arrival date.


Children must be monitored at all times for safety and for compliance with these regulations in particular as it relates to noisy and/or boisterous activity. Children should not play in the walkways, elevators, car parks or in the fitness centre.


No bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates or other games equipment are allowed in the common areas at Palm Beach.

This includes, but is not limited to, their use on the walkways, car park areas, pool deck and ramp.


Headphones must be used at the poolside, in the gym and in other common areas when playing audio devices.

Audio devices used in the residential units must not be played at a level that will cause a disturbance to others.


Recycling is available at Palm Beach. We accept glass, plastic, metal and paper products including old appliances or electronics. Please place your recyclables in the appropriate section of the recycling hut located in the corner of the car park

All wet garbage must be sealed in an appropriate container/bag and placed carefully inside the garbage bins located by the elevators on each floor


No pets are allowed at Palm Beach.


Do not discard cigarettes over the patio balconies as this can damage the awning below.

Please properly dispose of cigarettes while in common areas including pool and lawn areas.


Management have been advised by the insurers that contractors working at Palm Beach should provide evidence of liability insurance coverage and this includes small contractors who owners may employ directly from time to time.

No towels or washing of any kind (including swimwear, wet suits etc.) are to be hung over patio rails, windows or from overhead canopies. No intimate apparel should be hung to dry in the patio. This is unsightly and takes away from the quality of our property.

Do not shout from patios. Do not discard any items, cigarettes or liquids over the patio rail as this may damage the awnings below.

Please be mindful of dragging furniture in units as this disturbs residents below.

Owners and residents should not commence any interior works, including the drilling of walls for hangings, unless they have first discussed their plans with Palm Beach Property Manager. This will avoid damage to conduits located in the walls and certain works may require the approval of the Board of Management.

This prohibition includes food intended for birds.


The use of illegal substances or the illegal carrying of firearms is strictly prohibited in the common areas at Palm Beach.

In situations where it becomes known to management that illegal substances or illegal firearms are being used or kept in a unit this will be reported to the Barbados police force for investigation.


The beach is a public area. No furniture from the pool area is to be taken to the beach and do not invite persons from the beach onto the property.

Ensure that beach gates are closed after use.




Only persons 16 years of age or older are allowed in the gym.

Always respect the gym equipment and use according to posted instructions.

Wear proper attire (shirt, shorts, enclosed shoes) when using the gym and equipment.

Clean gym equipment after use

Please see complete set of rules posted in the gym and at the bottom of this page.


Do not drag cases or trolleys which do not have wheels, or which have broken wheels as this damages the floor surfaces. Please return shopping carts to ground floor after use.

Children should not be allowed to run or play on the walkways or in the elevators.


Drive with caution as these areas are used by pedestrians. Driving dangerously or recklessly may result in the loss of parking privileges.

Park only in designated parking spaces and observe parking assignments.  Guests must park in

designated visitor spaces. Handicapped parking is available to persons who have obtained the appropriate permit. The internal roads and car parks are not to be used as playgrounds for children. This is potentially very dangerous.



The pool area including the pool deck and the front open lawn area have been designated as Recreational Areas.

The use of Recreational Areas for birthdays or other parties/events is subject to the approval of the Property Management and written request must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the proposed event.


  • Pool hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm.
  • The pool is for residents and guests only.
  • Children under the age of 12 years MUST be accompanied by a person 16 years or older. 
  • Pool is NOT supervised. Persons using the pool do so at their own risk.
  • Wash off saltwater and sand before entering the pool area using the showers located by the beach gates.
  • Infants/toddlers should wear swimming diapers. Contamination of the pool may result in the closing and emptying of the pool and the significant cost incurred in refilling the pool may be recharged to the responsible party.
  • Topless sunbathing for women is against the law in Barbados.

The following are NOT ALLOWED in the pool or pool deck:

  • Running, jumping or diving in the pool.
  • The use of glass, ceramic or other breakable items.
  • The use of any oversized inflatable items.
  • The use of any wheeled devices (e.g. bicycles, scooters, skateboards etc.) except baby carriages and wheelchairs.
  • The playing of any audio devices without headphones.
  • Unreasonably reorganizing or consolidating pool furniture in one area so as to make such furniture unavailable to other residents or inconvenient for them to use.
  • Moving pool furniture from the pool deck.
  • Reserving chairs or loungers by leaving towels or clothing unattended for long periods. Items will be removed by security and can be collected at the property management office.
  • In general, any behaviour which would reasonably be considered a nuisance to other residents occupying the pool and/or pool deck.

FRONT OPEN LAWN AREA (between the pool and the beach wall)

The following are NOT ALLOWED in the front open lawn area:

  • Pool furniture.
  • Jumping tents or similar items (that will require stakes driven into the ground).

The Property Manager has full authority to restrict persons from Common or Recreational Area activities for non-compliance with rules and regulations.