Weather - General Forecast

For tracking general weather patterns refer:

Storms & Hurricanes

In the event of an approaching storm please monitor the situation.

All of the doors and windows in the residential units have been fabricated and installed to hurricane standards.

Hurricane fabric protection has been made available to all units to protect the wood & glass patio door and the wooden entrance door. These will need to be installed if a storm or hurricane warning becomes in effect.

Palm Beach staff will not be available to assist or install hurricane protection and each owner/resident should take the appropriate action and ensure that the protection is installed if necessary.

An installation video may be viewed on the YouTube address:

In addition, each patio with an overhead canopy has been supplied with strapping which should be fixed to the eye bolts set into the front edge of the patio floor and the corresponding metal cross piece of the canopy.

This will help to limit the potential for the canopy to be torn away from its fixtures as occurred in November 2010 when tropical storm Tomas came across the island and destroyed 6 high level canopies at Palm Beach.

Earthquakes & Tsunamis

In the event of a minor earthquake tremor please monitor the immediate situation.

In the event of a major earthquake situation leave the buildings immediately and move to the large lawn area. If a tsunami warning is in effect and you belive that there may be sufficient time then attempt to move away from the coast line by moving inland towards locations on higher ground, such as the Wildey area, via any route available to you noting that there may be a significant amount of traffic on the roads at that time. If a tsunami is imminent then immediately exit your unit and move to the sixth floor walkway via the stairwell, this will place you approximately 45 feet above sea level and at the rear of the buildings.