Palm Beach is primarily a residential property and its operation is governed by its By-laws, its Board of Management and its Property Management team.

As such there are rules and regulations governing the use of an apartment and the use of the common areas (primarily the pool area, grounds and gym).

Please familiarize yourself (and all of the persons residing in your unit) with these rules and regulations.

Prior to commencing occupancy you will be required to complete a "Third Party Occupier-Information and Compliance Declaration Form", a copy of which is attached at the foot of this page.

Regarding you use of the unit the following should be noted:

Towels, clothing, or other articles are not to be hung from the railings, doors or windows of the unit. This is unsightly and takes away from the quality of our property.  Please keep your patio areas clean.

Please be mindful of dragging furniture in units as this disturbs residents below.

The PUP and its staff are responsible for maintaining the common areas at Palm Beach only and have no direct obligations to the owners or residents for:

  • Opening or closing units for housekeepers, renters, 3rd party maintenance personnel etc.
  • Arranging  for works to be performed in units or monitoring workmen in the units.
  • Receiving guests or renters onto the property.

Residents should not commence any interior works, including the drilling of walls for hangings, unless they have first discussed their plans with the owner who must in turn discuss them with the Property Manager. This will avoid damage to conduits located in the walls. Certain works may require the approval of the Board of Management.