Notice Board



Proprietors Unit Plan #152

Ownership at Palm Beach is governed by the Condominium Act of Barbados under which "The Condominiums at Palm Beach" has been formed as Proprietors Unit Plan #152 (PUP #152)  and a Condominium Declaration has been filed with the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office in Barbados.

This Declaration provides detailed information on:

    (a) the ownership structure

    (b) the rights of the owners

    (c) the owners proportionate share ("Unit Entitlement") for voting and the allocation of common expenses

    (d) the by-laws of PUP #152.

For a copy of the Condominium Act and the By-laws of PUP #152 refer Log In /PUP #152.

The Owners appoint a Board of Management (Refer LogIn/Board of Management) to manage the day to day affairs of PUP #152 and to determine and enforce rules and regulations to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of the property by all.

For information on rules and regulations refer Log In/PUP #152