If you wish to lease or rent a Palm Beach apartment please refer to Sales & Rentals

Short term rentals - Regulations - Reservation and Arrival

Palm Beach is not a hotel, it is a private residential property. As such there are no front desk, concierge or restaurant facilities hence access to the property is strictly controlled and requires certain procedures and documentation to be in place.

There are strict rules and regulations which govern the activities of residents at Palm Beach. Please refer to the information contained in the attachment below  before deciding if Palm Beach is the best choice for your short term rental.

Persons renting short term at Palm Beach will be required to complete the "Third Party Occupier-Information and Compliance Declaration Form" a copy of which can be found at the foot of this page. This form should be read very carefully before signing and returned to your booking agent or the owner if booking directly.

If your arrival at Palm Beach is during normal working hours from Monday to Saturday then you should be met on arrival at Palm Beach by the owner or their agent otherwise your access to the property may be delayed.

Arrivals outside of these hours will only be allowed access to the property if:

     1. your arrival has been advised to security and their details appear on the security arrivals checklist.

     2. you have a signed copy of the Declaration Form.

     3. you are in possession of clear instructions on how to access your rental unit.

If any of the above are not in place then access to the property will be delayed while your booking is verified by security.